Transfer Student FAQ's

Will all of my credits transfer?

Yes, many will. If the institution you are transferring from is regionally accredited, Crown will apply those credits to your program of study. The Transfer Guides shown on the Transfer Students page will also help clarify specific coursework.

Please submit your official transcripts to our office for official review of credits. To receive a transcript evaluation, fill out your information here, and send your official transcripts to:

Crown College
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
8700 College View Drive
St. Bonifacius, MN  55375

What is the minimum grade requirement to transfer credits?

Crown requires at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA from the previous college attended and a C in each specific course to transfer. If you have questions regarding your specific situation, please contact Crown's Transfer Recruiter, Brad Nelson.

When can I apply for admission?

You may apply at any time for admission to Crown College. Visit

Crown requires students to take a second major in Christian Studies.  How will that impact my coursework?

Crown recently changed their Transfer Policy to shorten the amount of Christian Studies courses that are required for graduation.  The old policy required all students (including transfers) to take all 10 classes in the double major.  New requirements are listed below:

Year – Freshman

Year – Freshman

Semester 1

Transferring in 1-15 credits

Semester 2

Transferring in 16-24 credits

10 Classes

9 Classes*

Year – Sophomore

Year – Sophomore

Semester 3

Transferring in 25-40 credits

Semester 4

Transferring in 41-53 credits

8 Classes

7 Classes

Year – Junior

Year – Junior

Semester 5

Transferring in 54-72 credits

Semester 6

Transferring in 73-89 credits

6 Classes

6 Classes

Year – Senior

Year – Senior

Semester 7

Transferring in 90-108 credits

Semester 8

Transferring in 109 +  credits

6 Classes

6 Class


Are there any scholarships available for Transfer Students?

Yes! We have a transfer scholarship based on your academics. For complete details on financial aid, visit Crown's Financial Aid pages and read about scholarships.

Is housing available at Crown?

Yes, we encourage our students to live on campus and experience the Christ-centered community at Crown, unless you are over 23, married, or living with family.