Activities and Exercises for the Elderly 65+


For the student

 (Everyone has Grandparents)

Create activities

*    Have different levels of activities

v level one; finger exercise (* see at last page)

v level two; bingo or card playing (bingo cards to print)

v level three; walking short distances (Walking off weight)

v level four; walking around the neighborhood


*    Look online for activities (About.com Senior Living)


*    Check out local library (my.crown.edu)

Bible verse: All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. Proverbs 14:23 (NKJV)

*    Be creative and make up your own

v Guess how many buttons in a jar                       

v Interview one of the people in private and ask question about the interviewee to the group to see how many answers they just correct.











*    Use humor (Christian jokes)


v people benefit from laughing 

v people like to laugh

v laughter releases endorphins from the brain, allowing a natural happy feeling

*    Teach exercises for an activity

*    Mix up the activities, keeps them interested and guessing

v Card playing, bingo, hang man, speakers, arts and craft, story telling, breathing exercises, relaxing exercises, muscle and strength building exercises, mental/memory games, music, dance and drama, nature activity, religious activities.                                                       


                                                                        Bible verse: God delights in each good step                                                                                     we take. Psalm 37:23 (NKJV)


Education benefits         

Improves coordination                       

Improves muscle strength

Improves memory


Gives you a reason to get out of the house




Bingo cards to print out



Christian jokes



Crown college library

My.crown.edu then click on library


New King James Verse Bible



Senior living



Storm athletics (for the younger students at Crown College)



Walking off weight




















For the health care giver


Provide a variety of activities

*    Introduce activities

v Be a speaker and a teacher

v Teach regarding medication (Pharmacology)

      such as blood thinners; coumadin

      blood pressure medication; Atenolol, Lopressor (CDC)

*    Teach about alterative medications and how it affects regular medications (Pharmacology)                                   

*    Massages; touch is very therapeutic (how to give a back massage)


*    Teach in relation to healthy eating (National Institutes of Health)


*    Activity coordinator (how to coordinate)

v when, where, and time           

*    Develop activity calendar (printable calendar templates)           

v coordinate a month in advance, put in local newspaper

*    Develop good nutrition log (Nutrition Food Overview)

v calcium, fiber, non-fat foods

                                                                        Bible verse: Do not sleep or you will grow                                                                                     poor; stay awake and you will have food to                                                                                     spare. Proverbs 20:13 (NKJV)


Explain benefits

May avert hospital stays (CDC)

May seize illness early (CDC)

Therapeutic benefits

Improves heart

Improves flexibility

Increases concentration

Increases endurance

                                                                        Bible verse; The Lord is the strength of my                                                                                     life-of whom shall I be afraid?

                                                                        Psalm 27:1 (NKJV)



Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC)



National Institutes of Health http://www.nhobi.nih.gov/health/public/heart/obesity/lose_wy/dine_out.htm


New King James Verse Bible



Nutrition Food Overview

http:www.righthealth.com/Health/Nutrition%20Food-s?lid=goog-ads-sb-            8536643334


How to coordinate



How to give a back massage






Printable calendar templates

























* Just call out the nick name of each finger randomly and the participants will have to move that finger. For example, ?I need a ride? they would hold up the thumb. You can make it fun by multi tasking, for example, ?Hey you, I need a ride?. They would hold up the pointing finger and the thumb.