Auditions for music groups are held at the end of the spring semester for upperclassmen and the beginning of each academic year for freshmen and transfer students. 

  • College Choir: The audition piece should be a vocal solo acceptable at a state high school music contest or a hymn arrangement. Students will be asked to sightread the soprano or alto (women) or bass or tenor (men) line from a choral piece. The audition will also include checking vocal ranges and tonal memory.
  • Kammerchor: Members are chosen from the ranks of the College Choir. When the College Choir roster is set, an audition time will be arranged. College Choir members who are interested will be asked to sing together in SATB arrangements. Members are chosen based on the blend of voices.
  • Women's Choir: Women who audition for the College Choir will also be considered for the Women's Choir. The same audition procedure applies for both choirs. The choir is comprised of primarily freshmen women or those singers with little choral background.
  • Crown Brass: Students interested in playing with the brass ensemble should contact Dr. Gene Rivard in the Music Office (952-446-4231 or ). Students should come prepared to play something on their instrument.
  • Crown Chamber Orchestra: Students interested in playing in the Chamber Orchestra should contact Shana Brath in the Music Office (952-446-4231 or ).
  • Encore. Students accepted into the ministry teams may be eligible for a scholarship. Students should prepare a vocal solo from the Broadway genre and their testimony. More information available from director Dr. Donelson (
  • Woodwind Ensemble, Flute Ensemble Students interested in these groups should register for the class (MUS 372 or MUS 375c) and contact the Music Department (952-446-4231 or ).