Music and Worship Arts (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts

The Music Department innovated its Music and Worship Arts B.A., the first one in Minnesota, 10 years ago. The Christ-centered program remains one-of-a-kind.

The six-month internship, during which junior-year students work alongside a worship pastor in the U.S. or abroad, uniquely prepares them for real-life ministry while still in college. The Music Department’s global missionary scope also ensures students learn and practice intercultural mores and music, whether take a position overseas or state side in a church where inter-cultural congregations are becoming the norm.

Over their course of study, students acquire insights into diverse musical styles and expressions used in a variety of modern worship settings, from classical, to contemporary, to cultural. They explore the ways in which technology is deployed in today’s churches. Students develop their performance and conducting skills, study theory, and receive comprehensive musical training. They also develop an understanding of the relational dynamics of a team, along with leadership skills.

Because the Music and Worship B.A. equips new generations of worship leaders, coursework emphasizes leadership training. In addition the semester-long internship—during which they collaborate with worship leaders and church staff—students serve on worship teams at Crown College and in area churches.

The Music Department has been graduating B.A. in Music and Worship Arts students for a decade, all of whom have been placed.