Psychology (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts

The Psychology B.A. equips students with the knowledge and tools in psychology and counseling to succeed in any field of employment or ministry. Because of the interpersonal skills students acquire while earning this degree, infused with a Christian worldview, they are prepared to continue their education in a variety of graduate school programs, ministry or immediately find work in a number of professions. 

In addition to the Christian studies core, students work closely with faculty members/mentors who help them focus their electives toward future goals. The professors include professional therapists and instructors with decades of professional ministry. In bringing such expertise to the classroom, the professors provide students with a perfect blend of the two complementary components of the Psychology program.

The academically rigorous Psychology program combines faith and learning, so students acquire the knowledge, skills and ethics necessary for Christian leadership and professional success. Students who major in Psychology at Crown are driven by compassion for people. They sense a calling to impact others for God.