Criminal/Social Justice (B.S.)

Bachelor's of Science

The Criminal/Social Justice B.S. is a high-demand degree with tremendous job potential. The program offers students a unique educational opportunity with real-world implications: To investigate—from a Christian perspective within a broad Humanities and Social Sciences context—diverse social, political, legal and ethical concerns embedded in complex criminal justice issues.

Through our Christian studies requirements, students develop a deep understanding of the criminal justice system’s practices, theories and procedures from a profound perspective of equity and legality. Students learn to apply their faith within the social justice framework utilizing restorative processes. Students also investigate the nature and causes of crime, while learning how faith, strong families, stable communities, effective schools, and reductions in violence and poverty all contribute to crime prevention.

The Criminal/Social Justice faculty members are working licensed attorneys, educators, and practitioners of law enforcement. Students enjoy close interaction between the faculty and their fellow students. They also have the freedom and flexibility to become involved in diverse opportunities to build professional contacts and explore areas of interest off-campus and within the community. Students are required to participate in the internship class; a collaboration with federal, state, county and local agencies that provides hands-on training and experience. 

This Christ-centered curriculum offers a broad overview of this growing field with multiple entry points into a career or specific advanced training in juvenile justice, security, probation, corrections, youth work or the courts.