International Studies with a Concentration in Humanities (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts

The Humanities and Social Sciences Department recently built upon the importance of global themes and awareness in the department by developing the new International Studies with a Concentration in Humanities B.A., which emphasizes diplomacy. The degree focuses on the inter-cultural aspects of the Humanities, to provide students with the cultural and interpersonal skills to work around the globe—including in closed-access countries—from a Christian perspective and with professional diplomacy.

At Crown, 23% of undergraduate students come from diverse cultures other than European-American. This new diplomatic B.A. provides all students with opportunities to share differences and similarities in perspective, and to speak of their experiences at home and abroad.

The required Christian studies core provides majors with a biblical foundation from which to think critically and act with sound ethics around the world. The program’s graduates work on behalf of Christ while helping develop third-world countries, ministering to groups public and private, and assisting with business startups.

Electives allow students to tailor their degree to their academic interests. Internships, Christian service assignments, semesters abroad and an honors program provide students with practical opportunities for excellence. Crown continues its mission of being “Globally Connected” by expanding the Humanities and Social Sciences Department to include this degree.