Intercultural Studies (B.A)

Bachelor of Arts

Intercultural Studies Major Overview

The Intercultural Studies B.A. prepares students for discipling across the globe in diverse cultural settings. Throughout the world, and among immigrant communities here at home, people know the gospel and are willing to be transformed by the Lord’s word. The Intercultural Studies B.A. includes a strong leadership component, through which students learn to listen to, respect and interact with people of other cultures.

The curriculum also includes the analysis of diverse cultures, intercultural communication and anthropology, cultures combined with a biblical understanding of the church and its mission. Major non-Christian religions, international contexts, rural and urban cultural realities, and worldview concepts are studied to prepare graduates for effective ministry. Other courses focus on strategies for fostering the development of dynamic churches. Students explore current trends in missiology in preparation for leadership in seizing new opportunities to extend the kingdom of God around the world.