Sports Management Degree

Bachelor of Science

Sport Management Degree Overview

Sports and athletics are an important part of our society. Sport Managers are required to plan, organize, promote and direct sporting activities. Sport management majors are prepared to fill these roles.

Students in the Sports Management degree program investigate the social, ethical, economic, legal, and political factors affecting the management and administration of sport organizations. The application of management principles to the sport industry distinguishes this program from the others offered in the department. Sports management majors learn about finance, law, organization management, personnel, and marketing.

Students have the opportunity to be involved in the intercollegiate athletic department, the intramural program, and the professional sport arena. An internship, which offers students the opportunity to practice what has been learned in their courses and to further their learning, is a requirement for graduation.

Business and Information Technology Department

The mission of the Department of Business and Information Technology is to prepare men and women for various business and information technology opportunities within the marketplace, the church, and church-related organizations both in North America and on the mission field.

Each business program integrates biblical studies, business and managerial preparation, and liberal arts courses, resulting in vocational competence, evangelism and discipleship skills, and an enhanced spiritual life. Supervised field experience is available through an internship program.