Business Administration, B.S.

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Business Administration Overview

Our business world is crying for ethical individuals with a strong character as well as practical business knowledge. The Crown College Business Department makes a deliberate effort to integrate Christian ethics into every business course.

The business administration major takes a broad view of the key components of business and management. Studies range from marketing to accounting to strategic planning to human resource management and beyond. This Business Administration program, designed through a biblical worldview, helps individuals to face the challenges of the business world. The Business Administration major seeks to identify the role of the believer in the marketplace as a valuable contributor and a well prepared professional. We strive to graduate qualified individuals who have a solid grasp on the integration of faith and integrity within the business arena.

Business and Information Technology Department

The mission of the Department of Business and Information Technology is to prepare men and women for various business and information technology opportunities within the marketplace, the church, and church-related organizations both in North America and on the mission field.

Each business program integrates biblical studies, business and managerial preparation, and liberal arts courses, resulting in vocational competence, evangelism and discipleship skills, and an enhanced spiritual life. Supervised field experience is available through an internship program.