Pastoral Leadership (B.A)

Bachelor of Arts

The Pastoral Leadership B.A. is for young men and women ready to enact exciting and transformational changes in churches across America. The program prepares and equips students to lead and shepherd healthy churches filled with disciples made through The Great Commission.

The program builds on a foundational study of the humanities and sciences, the Bible, and theology. The curriculum includes courses on Bible-based preaching and leadership. Students are allowed elective hours, which may be used for a minor or concentration in a particular area of ministry.

Students are encouraged to complete the Greek Language Concentration that offers a study of the New Testament in its original language. This concentration is valuable for biblical preaching and further theological study, especially for graduates planning to advance their studies in seminary. Many seminaries grant Crown graduates free credits because of our students’ sound foundation in bible studies, and their immersive six-month internship of practical ministry experience.