Application Checklist

Before beginning the application please read through the requirements listed below.  Please complete all required documents and send to Crown College.  With that in mind, let's begin!

Application Deadlines

  • November 15, 2014 (for Spring Semester 2015 - begins January 2015)
  • June 15, 2015 (for Fall Semester 2015 - begins August 2015)


Application Form

Please make sure to fill out the application completely.  Failure to do so can delay admission.

Application Fee:  Submit the non-refundable $20.00 U.S. Dollars application fee made payable to Crown College.)

*Applications received after the deadline will automatically be processed for the next available semester

Financial Statement

Please complete all sections of the enclosed Financial Statement or send a separate Affidavit of Support from your sponsor/s.

Bank Statement

Please submit an official bank statement from your sponsor/s that has been printed within the last three months. The bank statement must show the equivalent of $19,900.00 U.S. (Both the financial statement and the bank statement must be from the same individual). Photocopies are acceptable; however, they must be attested as a certified true copy. Students should expect an increase in costs of approximately 4-6% each year at Crown College.

English Language Proficiency

Complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), the IELTS exam, the ACT examination OR the SAT examination (if English is not your first language).  

You must pass the TOEFL paper exam with a score of 500+, the Internet-based exam with a score of 61+, or the computer-based exam with a score of 173+. Use the code 6639 to report your TOEFL scores directly to Crown College. You may receive information regarding when and where to take this test by consulting with a local high school, through the TOEFL website at, by e-mail at , or by writing to:

TOEFL / TSE Services
Test of English as a Foreign Language
PO Box 6151
Princeton, NJ 08541-6151 USA

If you choose to take the IELTS examination you must earn a score of 6.0 or better.

If you choose the ACT examination you must score above 18.  Crown's ACT code is 2152.

If you take the SAT examination you must score above 860 (Critical Reading & Math). Crown's SAT code is 6639.

If the student is transferring from another U.S. College or University: Completion of one semester of Freshman English Composition with an earned grade of a "C" or better.


Submit All Official Secondary or College Transcripts 

Students must provide Crown College academic records of every secondary and post-secondary institution you have attended. Records must be certified true copies or notarized photo copies. These transcripts must be translated to English by a certified translator and sent to Crown College Admissions (Students transferring from a U.S. institution with 24 or more credits do not need to supply a secondary school transcript).

Freshman Applicants

Students must provide evidence that they have completed their secondary education within their home country (usually 12 years) and be entitled to acceptance into the colleges and universities in their home countries. As a result of the extreme differences in educational systems among countries, admission requirements vary depending on the country from which the student originates.

International Admissions
Crown College
8700 College View Drive
St. Bonifacius, Minnesota  55375
The United States of America
**All documents submitted with your application become the property of Crown College and will not be returned.

Transfer Applicants

Transfer Applicants from Universities Outside of the United States

Both Secondary and Post-Secondary transcripts will be used to determine general admissibility. A student's overall academic performance will be taken into consideration. Students whose post-secondary transcripts fail to show a satisfactory performance on the College level may be considered if their Secondary transcripts were of outstanding caliber.

Transfer Credit  

International students who have been accepted to Crown College who wish to transfer credit from colleges or universities outside the United States must provide Crown College with a transcript evaluation from EEI (Education Evaluators International, Inc. - The form for completing the transcript evaluation can be downloaded at  This process should be started as soon as the student receives his or her visa. The costs of the evaluation will be reimbursed by Crown College as long as the transfer evaluation is completed by the end of the student's first semester. If the transfer evaluation is not completed by the end of the first semester, the student will be responsible for the entire cost of the evaluation. The cost of the evaluation will be $205.00 U.S.

If a student has already completed a course-by-course evaluation from another National Association of Credential Evaluation Services - (NACES) member, he or she can submit this evaluation to the Crown College Registrar's Office.

Students may choose to complete the EEI evaluation as they apply. If the EEI evaluation is not done during the application process, students will be admitted as transfer students and will be given 3 years for a program length on their I-20. Class standing will be determined once Crown College has received the EEI evaluation. The sooner an EEI transcript evaluation has been completed, the sooner your academic advisor will have a proper understanding of what courses will transfer to Crown College and how those courses will be applied to your degree.

Transfer Applicants from US Colleges and Universities

International students in this category must meet the same criteria as our U.S. Transfer Students. Students must have an accumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. Students who have earned less than 34 credits will need to supply Crown College with official secondary transcripts, as well. Courses that are not considered 'college level' courses (such as English as a Second Language) will not be included in the accumulative GPA when determining admissibility. Students transferring from a U.S. college or university who also possess credits from an institution outside of the United States will need to follow the credit evaluation guidelines outlined in the above section.

Accepted Students


You may send your $150.00 U.S. Admissions Deposit payable to Crown College to secure your place for the fall or spring semester. The deposit reserves your housing and registration.

Because International Students' options for submitting payments vary widely, please contact to discuss the appropriate method of payment.

Financial Obligations

Applicants must have sufficient financial resources to cover all educational expenses including tuition, fees, room and board, books, insurance, supplies, personal expenses, and round-trip transportation.  All semester costs are payable at the beginning of each semester unless approved by Crown's Student Billing Office.

Student Visa

Once you are accepted at Crown you will be issued the I-20 document.  This document allows you to make an appointment for an interview at the U.S. Consulate or Embassy in the country where you reside.  The I-20 is not a guarantee of obtaining a visa to study in the U.S.  This is determined through your interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate.  We will provide information to you as you prepare for this important interview.  Once your visa is officially granted please let us know.

Complete All Forms

Complete all forms from the acceptance packet. Completion of these forms helps expedite the registration process and is required before any student can enroll or live on campus.


Every student attending Crown College is assigned to a Faculty Advisor. The International Student Advisor assists International students with language testing and registration. International students must be registered as full-time students (12 or more credits) in order to legally remain in the United States on a student visa.