Strohm & Richardson Halls

Used mainly for first-year residents, Strohm and Richardson Halls are all female halls with approximately 90 beds each.  Strohm Hall offers the unique opportunity for all class levels to live together.  Both halls offer four person rooms with attached bathroom and built in furniture.  Laundry facilities and kitchens are located on the first floor.

The rooms are designed to accommodate four women each. There is a double vanity as well as a bathroom in each room. A central lounge area is located on each floor as well as laundry facilities and a kitchen in each building.

Strohm Hall, built in 1976, was named after Dr. George D. Strohm who was a missionary in China and the Philippines. He served as President of the College from 1943-1959. Richardson Hall was built in 1977 and named after Stanton & Hazel Richardson. Dr. Richardson taught Bible & Theology at the College for 38 years.

Strohm and Richardson Halls were both completely renovated (inside and out) in 2012, part of a $2 million dorm renovation project.

Students praying around newly renovated Strohm & Richardson Halls, August 2012.