Residence Life FAQ

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fold faq Who lives in College housing?

All full time students under 22 who do not live at home with their parents live in college housing.  Students who are over 22 often continue to live on campus, but also have the option for off campus housing.

fold faq How do I apply for housing?

After you have been accepted to Crown, you can apply for housing. A Housing application will be mailed to you, or you can download the housing application online.

fold faq When should I submit my housing application?

As soon as you receive your acceptance letter, you can send in your housing application and contract.  Notification of room assignments and roommates are sent out the beginning of August.  To be included in the mailing, turn in your application and deposit by July 15.

fold faq Which buildings are available for me as a new student?

Richardson and Strohm Halls are available for first-year female students.  Main and Miller Halls are available for male students.  Transfers may be live in any residence hall.  We try place transfer students in similar class level housing.

fold faq How are new students assigned to housing?

Part of the housing application includes a section on living condition preferences (i.e., time going to bed, type of music, hobbies) which is used to match students.

fold faq When will I find out where I am assigned and who my roommate(s) will be?

We typically send out room assignments at the beginning of August. When you receive your room assignment, it will include the name and contact information for your roommate(s) as well as the sheet size (extra-long or standard) you will need.

fold faq Will my assigned room or roommates change before I arrive?

It is sometimes necessary to make changes to your initial assignment due primarily to people canceling. We will notify you of changes as time permits.

fold faq What if I know who I want for a roommate?

If you want to room with someone specific, both people must request each other on the housing application.  Housing applications and deposits should be sent in for both students before July 15th to honor roommate preferences.

fold faq Can I be in a room by myself?

A large part of residence life at Crown is building relationships within the community here. Because of this, we offer a limited number of single rooms in Main Hall. Most female residences for new students have rooms with four people per room, and male residences for new students have rooms with two people per room.

fold faq When can I move in?

You will receive orientation packets in the mail about two months before the beginning of the semester.   Please look through your packets for the dates and times of move-in.  If you are involved with an athletic team, music group, or other activity that requires early arrival you will receive information about your arrival date from your coach, director, or the coordinator of the activity with which you are involved.

fold faq Am I required to live on campus?

Crown College requires all students under the age of 22 on the first day of the semester to live in College housing unless they meet established criteria. If you are part-time (under 6 credits), married, living with one or both parents, or have a special work situation which requires you to live at work you may choose to live off campus.

fold faq What is an RD?

Resident Directors (RDs) are professionally-educated adults who live in the residence halls and provide services for leadership training, counseling, administration, and participation in the personal development of students.  They are available to students for friendship, counsel, and help in all areas of college life.  RDs are designated to each Residence Hall.

fold faq What is an RA?

Resident Assistants (RAs) are upper-class students that serve as a resource and source of information for students.  RAs are chosen based on their desire to serve others and God, as well as their abilities and leadership skills.  RAs are trained to assist in establishing community, resolving conflicts, and maintaining community standards.

fold faq Who should my parents contact in case of an emergency?

During office hours, Monday-Friday, 8-4:30 p.m., parents should contact the Student Development office at 952-446-4159.  Any other time, parents should contact campus security at 952-446-5100.

fold faq Are the bed sizes twin or XL twin?

Crown has extra-long TWIN sized beds.  

fold faq How will my living area be cleaned?

Common areas, laundry rooms, and hall kitchens are cleaned by facility services. If you are assigned to a suite-style room or to an apartment, it is the responsibility of you, your roommate(s), and/or your suitemates to clean the bathrooms and shared living spaces.

fold faq What phone/data access is available in the living areas?

Residence halls are equipped with high-speed wireless access to the campus network.  Wireless connections are located throughout the academic building.  Each residence hall is equipped with at least one phone jack per floor that provides local calling access.

fold faq What kinds of appliances can I have?

Each residence hall has a vacuum cleaner and iron available for you to use.  A full size kitchen is also located in most residence halls for student usage.   You may bring microwaves and refrigerators in addition to small appliances with completely enclosed coils for use in residence hall rooms (i.e. popcorn poppers, hot pots, coffee makers, etc.).  Large appliances or those with exposed coils may not be stored in rooms (i.e. hot plates, toasters, space heaters, air conditioners).  Due to fire safety regulations no halogen lamps are permitted.

fold faq What are the laundry facilities like?

Washing machines and dryers are located in each residence hall for your convenience.  A laundry card may be purchased from the vending machine located by the Mail Center.  Additional monetary sums may be added to an individual?s card at the vending machine as well.

fold faq Is there a curfew on campus?

We do not require students to be in their rooms at any particular time. We do have "visitation hours."  During these times, students may be in the halls and in the rooms of students of the opposite gender. Visitation hours vary between the residence halls.

fold faq Can I burn candles in my room?

Because of serious fire danger, open flames (including burning candles, incense, lighted potpourri, etc.) are not permitted.  Therefore, we ask that you leave candles and incense items at home.

fold faq Where can I store my bike?

Bike racks are located outside of every residence and the academic building.  During the winter months there is limited indoor bike storage available.

fold faq May I bring my pet to school?

Aquatic species that live underwater may be kept in your room.  Because of health sanitation and safety, animals (including rodents, reptiles, and amphibians) may not be kept in your room.

fold faq What is Crown College's food plan?

Crown College offers three different food plans.  The food service plans are 17 weekly meals with $100 flex dollars, 10 weekly meals with $325 in flex dollars, and 150 meals to use throughout the semester.  Flex dollars can be used in the Storm Café, the Coffee Shop, or for a guest in the Dining Hall. Dining service hours are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays. Weekends are limited hours with only brunch and dinner served.  Hours are posted at the dining service entrance.

Students not on a meal plan may have money deposited into their account by contacting Food Services or stopping by the Coffee Shoppe during open hours.

fold faq Is there a snack shop on campus?

The Coffee Shoppe, located in the Student Center, serves a variety of hot and cold coffee drinks, as well as Italian sodas, hot chocolate and assorted teas.  The Storm Café features soups, pizzas, subs, wraps, burgers, and appetizers, as well as fresh "grab & go" selections to fit any craving one might have.  The Coffee Shoppe and the Storm Café accept declining balance dollars, cash, checks and most major credit cards.

fold faq Where will I receive mail and what address should I use?

Mail is delivered to the main building where each student is assigned a mailbox. The following mailing address should be used:

    Jane Doe
    Campus Box (box # assigned during registration)
    8700 College View Drive
    St. Bonifacius, MN 55375