Crown Study Lab

The Study Lab provides academic support to all Crown students.

Our mission is to provide support to earnest students who are committed to academic improvement. Study Lab services are free, and all Crown College students are invited to stop in for assistance. Lab hours are posted with after hour study help available by appointment.

Students struggling with basic academic skills or just needing some encouragement or advice with their homework or testing strategies are invited to visit the Study Lab. A staff of highly qualified student tutors and a comfortable computer lab, along with a private testing area serve the entire Crown student body. On a typical afternoon, students stop in for help with math or statistics, science, history, research papers for classes ranging from Christian doctrine to educational psychology, and paper styles in APA, MLA, and Turabian formats. Computers are available for students wishing to write papers or research in the lab. Crown Study Lab tutors also set up and lead study group sessions prior to important exams.

Disability Services

Students with disabilities or special needs are invited to visit with the Director of Academic Success about academic accommodations and support available through the Study Lab. Students, professors, and the Director of Academic Success work together to make reasonable accommodations that compensate for learning disabilities. Testing services are provided for those needing a distraction-free place to take exams (arrangements available through the Study Lab).

Crown College operates in compliance with the Minnesota Human Rights Department to ensure program and physical access for students who have disabilities.  The Academic Support Office works closely with students to advocate and assure proper accommodations are made on their behalf.