Counseling Services

Crown College Counseling Services provides professional, short-term counseling for various issues including depression, anxiety, stress, relationship struggles, adjustment issues, addiction, eating & body image issues, death and bereavement, personal growth and exploration, and physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Services are available for all Crown students including Adult and Graduate Studies students.

All services are free and completely confidential.
Regular office hours are 9am-4pm.

All counselors in counseling services are academically trained and experienced in counseling, and are Christians upholding Biblical standards in their practice.


Everything a student discusses with a counselor remains confidential and is not shared with other Crown College faculty, staff, parents or other members of the community without the student's written authorization.  Counseling records, also kept confidential, are not included in a student's college file.  The confidentiality stated above has three limits. Those limits are:  any intent to injure oneself, any intent to injure another person, or relatively current situations of child neglect and/or abuse.