PSEO Students

PSEO Students

The Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) is a state-funded program that allows high school juniors and seniors to complete high school requirements at the college level. At Crown College, PSEO is a resourceful and intelligent way for academically advanced high school students to achieve their high school requirements and get a head start on a college education, supported by a Christ-centered community.

Crown offers PSEO classes to all qualifying students who reside in Minnesota, including students enrolled in public and private schools, as well as high school students in Minnesota who are being educated in home schools. The State of Minnesota covers the complete cost of tuition and educational expenses, including books and class fees. Most colleges across the nation accept PSEO credits.

PSEO Program Options

Residential Program

For Minnesota high school seniors who have earned a minimum of a 3.25 GPA. PSEO residential students live and study much like freshman at Crown. They live in the dorms, participate in student life and take freshman classes. (Please note: Room and board is not covered by the State of Minnesota and is the responsibility of the student.)

Commuter Program

For Minnesota high school juniors or seniors who have earned a minimum of a 3.25 GPA. Typically, students in this program enroll full-time, so the challenge of balancing high school and PSEO commitments at Crown need to be considered. Students must provide their own transportation.

PSEO Online Program

For Minnesota high school juniors or seniors who have earned a minimum of a 3.25 GPA. Students in this program are in online classes with other PSEO students. Course Offerings below.

PSEO Application Process

In order to be considered for PSEO Online student status, students must:

  • Complete and submit the Crown College PSEO Online Application for Admission. (Use the Apply Now button below.)
  • Request an official transcript be sent to Crown College from your high school.
  • Have your high school counselor complete and sign the Crown College PSEO Waiver Form and the State of Minnesota PSEO Notice of Student Registration form.
  • Have your parent(s) complete and sign both of these forms (the Crown College PSEO Waiver Form and the State of Minnesota PSEO Notice of Student Registration form)

Apply Now

Mail the completed forms to:

Crown College Admissions
8700 College View Dr
St. Bonifacius MN 55375

Applications for the Fall 2015 Residential and Commuter program are due April 1, 2015. Final decisions regarding students accepted to the program will be May 15, 2015.

Applications for the Fall 2015 Online program are due August 1, 2015. Decisions regarding acceptance will be made on a rolling basis.

For any questions about Crown’s PSEO program, please contact our Admissions Office or call us at 1-800-68-CROWN.

PSEO Online Program Details

Course Offerings

Crown offers courses for online students on a two-year rotation. Many of these courses will meet Minnesota high school graduation standards as well as most college general education requirements.

Course offerings are as follows:

Fall 2015

Spring 2016

ENG 1510: College Writing and Research ENG 2510: American Literature
HIS 1510: World Civilizations HIS 2520: U.S. History
FAR 1560: Art Appreciation PSY 130: General Psychology

Fall 2016

Spring 2017

ENG 1510: College Writing and Research ENG 1512: Introduction to Literary Analysis
HIS 2510: American Government SOC 230: Sociology
PED 1515: Health and Wellness for Life COM 1515: Public Communication

Important Dates:

PSEO Fall 2015 Deadlines

PSEO Spring 2016 Deadlines

Applications for all Online Students: 08/01/15 Applications for new Online Students: 12/04/15
Registration for all Online Students: 08/14/15 Registration for new Online Students: 12/21/15
Fall courses begin: 08/26/15 Spring courses begin: 01/13/16
Last day to add a Fall class: 09/04/15 Last day to add a Spring class: 01/22/16
Last day to drop a Fall class: 10/28/15 Last day to drop a Spring class: 03/16/16

Additional Information:

Note: PSEO students must start classes according to the Crown College academic calendar. Semester start and end dates, as well as holidays, may not coincide with the high school schedule.

Books: Information about obtaining textbooks will be emailed to you in August prior to the start of the semester. This will enable you to obtain the books you need for PSEO approved classes. Textbooks are free for PSEO students.

Transcripts: If you have not already done so, you must fill out a Transcript Request form for the Registrar’s Office to send your Crown transcript to your High School counselor. If you change high schools or move during the year, you must complete a new Transcript Request form and Minnesota Department of Education Form.

Check with your high school before dropping classes. Some high schools consider a “W” (withdrawal) grade the equivalent of a failing grade.

FERPA Permission: FERPA is the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. When you become a Crown College student, your student records are your private information. If you have parents, high school teachers or a guidance counselor who needs to be able to discuss your academic progress or other student records with Crown staff, then you need to give permission for those people to have access to your information. If you have questions, contact your Crown advisor to discuss this further. You can fill out the FERPA permission form on Our. Crown under Students/Online Forms.

Enrolling full-time at Crown College:

Upon graduation from high school, PSEO students may apply for admission into the Arts & Sciences program or the School of Online Studies program. When making acceptance decisions, consideration will be given to three categories:

  • Academics
  • Areas of involvement within school and community
  • Leadership experiences within school and community

It is expected that PSEO students’ abilities in these categories are exceptional.