Jay F. Steele

Professor of Business Administration

Department: Business Administration

What are the main classes you teach at Crown? Accounting, finance, economics

Degrees & Institutions you received them from:

  • B.S. in Physics — Baldwin-Wallace College;
  • MBA — Baldwin-Wallace College;
  • MDiv — Ashland Theological Seminary;
  • PhD — University of Minnesota

Published works or other accolades?

Before Crown, what did you do? Pastor of King Road Alliance, Ashland, Ohio; Systems Support Analyst, Nixdorf Computer, Cleveland, Ohio

Your Testimony? Committed my life to Christ when my wife and I lost our first pregnancy.

Favorite Bible verse and why? Ps. 37:5 — this was the verse the Lord gave me when I went to seminary.

Hobbies, Interests, Affiliations? Triathlon, astronomy, member of American Accounting Association

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Crown? Working with the students; they are the reason I teach.

What differentiates your program from similar offerings at other colleges? I deliberately integrate ethics into all my classes.

How do you define "Academic Excellence?" The standard for excellence is outside the student; it is not that they are doing their best. It is a mastery of the discipline and the integration of one’s faith into that discipline.

What would your students say about taking your classes? You will learn to appreciate "The Beauty of the Double Entry Bookkeeping System."

From a career standpoint, what will students be prepared to do with a degree from your program?

Anything they want. We give them tools that prepare them for the broad spectrum of opportunities in business. They are general practitioners in the field of business and will specialize in their advanced degree work.

What would you say to parents of prospective students about having their son/daughter at Crown?

Business education is more than mastery of a discipline; a well-rounded program must include learning how to integrate faith into that discipline. At Crown we aim to give the student that solid biblical foundation and at the same time work to integrate it into all our business classes.