Program Advantages

  • Opportunity to earn Trustee's Honors Scholarship (worth $10,000 per year)
  • "Honors" designation on diploma and transcript
  • Challenging courses that will develop your critical thinking and Christian worldview
  • Invitation to select social, cultural and intellectual events
  • Extensive interaction with faculty
  • Opportunities to work on and present academic research

Honors Program Requirements

For further information please contact:

Thor Benson
Director of Crown College Honors Program

Honors FAQs

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fold faq Can I be an Honors student regardless of my major?

Yes. The Honors Program is compatible with all majors.

fold faq Will I have time to participate in other campus activities and clubs while enrolled in the Honors Program?

Yes. Most Honors students participate in activities ranging from athletic teams to music performance to Student Senate. Honors students often hold part-time jobs on or off campus.

fold faq Does the Honors Program require me to take extra credits in order to graduate?

No. Students enrolled in the program take advanced general education courses that replace and satisfy standard general education requirements as well as complete special Honors projects within their major field of study.

fold faq Why should I be in the Honors Program?

Joining and maintaining membership in the Honors Program provides students with an advanced academic education, an intellectual challenge and life-changing opportunities for growth and success.

Honors Program at Crown College

"Love the Lord your God... with all your MIND."

The Honors Program is designed to take students with exceptional academic promise and inspire and train them for advanced Christian leadership while making the most out of their education and experience.  The program focuses on developing Christian critical thinking skills and aims to teach students to use their mind to fully love God and serve others.

Applicant Requirements

Students who will automatically qualify for the Honors Program must have both

  • 1300 SAT or 30 ACT
  • High School GPA of at least 3.75