1. A large percentage of Crown College students seek part-time and full-time professional opportunities that provide a starting wage/salary, and they are typically not interested in commission based or self-employment opportunities. As a result, we would like employers to promote hourly/salaried opportunities through our online internship/job posting site and on-campus recruiting opportunities.   We are unable to include opportunities that require a student to make any financial investment, such as purchase a sales kit, a background credit check, pre-employment testing, or to pay for a training class, as a condition of employment or during the initial stages of their employment.

  2. All internships/jobs are screened visually before they are posted.  Clicking "Submit Job" only e-mails the posting to our office, and they aren't instantly posted. Actual posting on the website generally takes 1-2 business days.  Please note: our posting system doesn't send out an email confirmation that your internship/job was posted--you are encouraged to visibly check our site to confirm.

  3. This website is open to the public, so people who apply for your position(s) may have no affiliation with Crown College. Crown College Career Services doesn't place students in internships or jobs, and there is no guarantee that a Crown College student or alumnus will apply for or fill any position(s) posted via the on-line Internship/Job Boards. 

  4. Crown College does not screen any applicants for any employers.  Crown College reserves the right to not post any position(s) deemed inappropriate. All postings will be removed after 8 weeks unless employers request that position(s) be updated and re-posted. Please notify Crown College Career Services when your position(s) has been filled, and we will remove your listing.  Thank you.

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