WARNING NOTE: Crown College does not screen employers who post positions on this site; however each ad is reviewed before it is posted. We seek to be diligent in verifying ads, but it is not possible to guarantee the certainty of any ad on this site. Beware of scams; do not ever send money to anyone, nor provide personal information such as a Social Security number. Beware any deal involving Western Union, Moneygram, wire transfer, cashier check, money order, shipping, escrow, or any promise of transaction protection/certification/guarantee.

  • Internships can be:
    • paid or unpaid
    • part-time or full-time
    • summer or during the school year
    • for academic credit, or not for credit
  • Prepare for finding an internship just as you would for finding a job:
    • Know your skills, abilities and experience in order to know what types of internships you fit, and want to pursue.
    • Decide which companies/organizations that you would like to intern at.
    • Research employers, and the type of internship you are seeking.
    • Write your resume.
    • Write a cover letter OR a letter of inquiry
    • Network! Talk to friends, faculty, family, family of friends and people at companies you are interested in interning at.
    • Apply, following the postings instructions exactly.
  • When do I start my search?
    • The more competitive the internship is, the earlier you look. Start at least 6 months before you actually need to do your internship. Keep looking because they are posted continually.
    • The first part of this page is internships that have been sent to us by employers that want a Crown student.
    • At the bottom of the page you can search web sites for a valuable internship experience. You'll have more success finding an internship if you start looking well in advance and are flexible about the location.

Internship Search

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Information Technology

Ministry / Parachurch Ministry

Social Services / Health Care

Web sites to search for Internships

  • Land It: this site of specifically for students and graduates of Minnesota colleges and universities.
  • Indeed: this site searches other mega sites, and employer sites for internships. Enter "intern" keywords, and a location (city or zip code).
  • Minnesota Council of Non-Profits: select "intern" from the job type category.
  • Internmatch: Find your focus
  • Internships: search by type and location. A very good site!
  • Career Builder: search for "internship" or "entry level".
  • College Grad: Lots of internships, go to "Advanced Internship Search
  • DC Internships: internships in Washington DC in public policy, journalism, public relations nonprofit, community service and other interests.
  • Idealist: non-profit organizations with a social service focus. 
  • Inroads: Internships and development for minority youth in business and industry.  
  • Intern Web: "the Online source for internships."
  • Rising Star Internships: "Your gateway to the future!"
  • Urban Employ Network: internships in many large metro areas.
  • Big Apple Head: opportunities in New York city and surrounding area.
  • IHipo: International Internships.
  • World Endeavors: International Opportunities.