Crown Introduces New Academic Programs for the Fall

Offerings include new options in International Studies, a new Health Sciences/Medical Biology degree, and an online MBA in Non-profit Management

Prepare to Make A World of Difference:
Crown’s New B.A. in International Studies (Fall/2014)

The opportunities to impact the world for Christ have grown dramatically. But, making a difference requires preparation. Crown College introduces a new B.A. designed to help you know Christ better and make His name known across the cultural divides.

This exciting new program, offered through Crown’s School of Arts and Sciences, affords most students an opportunity to study abroad for a semester through a global service-learning experience. The major will be particularly enriching because students from a wide range of study will come together to examine global issues through a variety of perspectives including business, humanities, ministry studies, and psychology. Crown’s B.A. in International Studies is offered through these five distinct areas of concentration:

  • Community Development
  • Cross-Cultural Psychology
  • International Business
  • Cross-Cultural Ministry
  • Humanities

In addition, students can choose to supplement their learning experience through two exciting new minors: Minor in International Studies or Minor in Cross-Cultural Ministries.

Interested in making a world of difference? Learn more here...

“...Healing Every Disease and Sickness”:
Crown’s New B.A. in Health Sciences/Medical Biology (Fall/2014)

Jesus brought good news and healing to the broken souls He encountered. If you sense His call to do the same, Crown’s new B.A. in Health Sciences/Medical Biology offered through the School of Arts and Sciences is the place to start. This major is designed for those planning on graduate work in pre-medical, pre-dental, physical therapy, or pre-veterinary medicine.

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Finally, an MBA Program that isn’t Focused On Profits:
Crown Introduces the MBA in Non-Profit Management (Online, Fall/ 2014)

Now, you can pursue an online MBA that is focused specifically on the management of non-profit organizations.

Crown College is the only school in Minnesota to offer an MBA with a non-profit concentration.

You’ll gain a better understanding of everything from personal spiritual formation to non-profit financial management.

If you’re a leader or executive working in the non-profit environment who wants to deepen your understanding of the nexus of faith and non-profit management, this is the program for you.

Want to profit from an MBA focused on non-profits? Learn more here...

Accelerate your Ministry and Reduce Tuition with Crown’s 4+1:
Earn your B.S. and M.A. at the Same Time (Online, Fall/ 2014)

Now, Crown College students can greatly reduce the time and money required to prepare for ministry. With Crown’s new online 4 + 1 program you can earn your undergraduate B.A. and a M.A. in Christian Ministry at the same time. Students transferring in with 60 credits may be able to complete both degrees in as little as three years. Those beginning the program with no earned credits can complete both their BS and MA degrees in five years. Not only does this help accelerate your ministry; it’s great stewardship of resources because it can save up to $8,000 in tuition costs.

Want to accelerate your ministry and reduce cost? Learn more about 4 + 1 here...

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