Heather Flies Brings Energy to Chapel

Working with junior high students requires a ton of energy plus a certain personality that can connect with an age group going through so many life-changes

Heather Flies is the junior high pastor at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minn., where Leith Anderson is the senior pastor. Heather has been sharing her love for young teens and the Word of God since 1991, with exuberant energy and a contagious passion for life. 

Heather has co-authored ?Help! I?m a Woman in Youth Ministry? and ?Great Talk Outlines 2.? Her first book, ?I Want to Talk with My Teen about Girl Stuff? has been published through Standard Publishing.

She loves football, NASCAR racing, country music, nail polish (she owns 179 bottles!), and wearing one of her 98 pair of shorts during the cold Minnesota winters. She and her husband, Chad, live in Eden Prairie. For more information, visit www.heatherflies.com

To hear Heather's chapel message visit iTunes U under the 'Academics' tab on the homepage.

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