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about becoming an instructor in the Chinese Leadership Development Program, contact Ian Vickers of GPiH, .

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Crown Center for Global Initiatives

Chinese Leadership Development Program

Crown College, in Minnesota, is part of a globally connected community. The four-year accredited, Christ-centered college has developed partnerships with organizations around the world, including an exciting venture with the nonprofit organization Global Partners in Hope (GPiH), called the Chinese Leadership Development Program. Part of the Crown Center for Global Initiatives, the Chinese Leadership Development Program is tailored to leaders at all levels of Chinese government, business and education.

Faculty members from Crown College recently developed leadership curriculum for ministry and business tracks used to train more than 1,000 Beijing-based business leaders. The Chinese Leadership Development Program innovatively expands on this important marketplace ministry work. The program pairs Crown’s accredited, Christ-centered ministry and business instruction with GPiH’s Christ-centered mission of “Bringing hope to communities around the world through partnerships between people who can help and people who need hope.”

The vision for the groundbreaking program is to provide Chinese participants with biblically based, affordable and credentialed leadership development training. The sessions will also provide participants with vibrant, engaging and culturally relevant instruction. As a result of the program, leaders will be able to mentor and develop others in Christian-based business and non-profit ministry positions throughout China, East Asia and the world.

“Our program is based on globalization, on the cross-pollination of ideas and practical theology,” explains Ian Vickers, Chief Executive Officer, GPiH. “Through our partnership with Crown College, an accredited North American college that shares our Christian values, and whose faculty have a first-hand understanding of international marketplace ministry, we can develop leaders in China that are equipped to expertly interface with faith-based organizations and businesses from the United States and Europe.”

The Chinese Leadership Development Program offers two instructional tracks:

  • The Ministry Leadership track, designed for leaders in nonprofit organizations, fulfills a need for Chinese leadership in practical theology and service. The program trains participants in personal and spiritual formation, leadership development, mentoring and developing other leaders so they may grow their own faith-based communities in word and deed.
  • The Business Leadership track, designed for middle-management leaders, provides training in biblical principles, business language and terminology, relationship building and strategic management. With these tools, participants will be equipped to successfully interact with multinational organizations based in countries outside of China.

Dr. Joel Wiggins, President of Crown College, has conducted leadership-training sessions in more than a dozen countries. “Leadership in China has looked at and values GPiH’s programs, and given us a network of relationships to go forward with the Chinese Leadership Development Program through our Center for Global Initiatives,” says Dr. Wiggins. “It’s such a fantastic opportunity for marketplace ministry multiplication. The leaders we work with will be conducting their ministry in a setting very different from that in the U.S.”