Globally Connected

Thousands of Crown College alumni are spread over nearly every time zone in the world and are the ongoing legacies of Crown’s global impact. Global relationships present extraordinary opportunities for students to participate in experiences just about anywhere on the planet and are often catalysts for transformative learning and growth.

With over 18% of our students coming from diverse cultures, more than 40 countries are represented by Crown’s student body—evidence of the commitment by Crown’s International Admissions team. Every year, our Global Impact Team engages students in learning more about cultures near and far. Our affiliation with The Alliance church opens up access to churches and connections in more than 80 countries around the world.

By the time Crown students graduate, 50% of them have participated in at least one InterCultural Experience (ICE) trip or served international or cross-cultural communities.

If you have an interest in understanding global outreach and how to integrate your faith in the world—all parts of the world—Crown College is for you!