Information Regarding Recreational Fires on the Crown College Campus

Recreational fires are allowed by permit only within assigned fire rings. Members of the Crown College community who wish to enjoy a recreational fire on campus must come in person to the Facility Management Services (FMS) Office during normal business hours (8am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday) to fill out a Recreational Fire Permit Request form. The form must be completed in person no later than five working days before the anticipated event. Fire ring availability is on a "first-come, first-reserved" basis.   

Public, private residential, agricultural land, forest, and natural grasses surround campus property. Wild fires can cause property damage, extensive personal injuries, and death; MN State and Carver County statutes will be applied to prosecute illegal and careless use of fire. The College will notify Carver County of individuals found to be in violation of fire safety regulations.

  • The MN DNR may restrict fires during periods of dryness. Fire conditions and restrictions are available online at
  • FMS will verify the MN DNR restriction status during the permit approval process  
  • Dry grass and spring winds are a seasonal norm on campus. Fires are especially restricted during those times unless conditions are ideal  
  • No unauthorized open fires will be permitted on campus
  • Unauthorized fires will be subject to institutional fines and possible civil and criminal penalties as applicable by law.  
  • Firewood will be supplied by FMS; no firewood may be brought onto campus and students should not collect firewood from campus grounds   
  • Use of charcoal grills, gas grills and portable fire pans are not considered open fires and are allowed on non-flammable surfaces; no such appliances may be used on decks, under building overhangs, or within 20 feet of any structure on campus.